Medical Assistant Programs in Maine

Medical Assistant EducationThe medical assistant profession is one of the most important supporting roles of the nation’s healthcare system. Medical assistants communicate with insurance companies, record and file patients’ health records, and manage the bookkeeping of the office, among many other tasks. It is a fulfilling career with room for growth and personal development.

Medical assistants are becoming a larger and more important role in society as medical office tasks continue to be assigned to medical assistants, baby boomers begin to age, and more people gain access to affordable healthcare. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession is expected to grow by 29% in the next eight years.
Medical assistants can be found in many work environments, including: the offices of physicians, hospitals, specialty health practitioner offices, outpatient care centers, rehabilitation centers, insurance carriers, scientific research and development centers, and educational establishments.  Medical assistants enjoy a stable career and comparable pay with regard to their cost of living.

Medical Assistant MaineMedical assistants can be hired with only a high school diploma or equivalent, though it is recommended that candidates pursue further education because not every medical establishment will accept candidates with these achievements alone. Medical assistant programs and certifications can help teach and verify that candidates learn information that is vital to the profession. The core program includes anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, medical ethics and laws.  The program also teaches how to administer first aid, how to use medical software, how to process lab work, and how to run a business from an administrative role. There are also several specialty programs that medical assistants can take part in, including oncology, pediatrics, geriatrics, pharmaceuticals, obstetrics, etc.

In addition to the national American Association of Medical Assistants, the state of Maine supports medical assistants with its organization, Maine State Society of Medical Assistants. The society provides guidance for those unsure about seeking a career in the medical assistant profession.  They also provide support for those who wish to pursue further education in the field, and it provides a valuable and healthy way for medical assistants to network and share with each other.

With the upcoming growth of the field, the medical assistant profession is a stable career choice that will offer fulfillment and plenty of development opportunities. With the support of the Maine State Society of Medical Assistants, candidates have access to some of the best programs available, and a network of peers to offer help and guidance.

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