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Medical Assistant CoursesIf you are looking for a career that allows you to work side-by-side with medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, the medical assistant profession may be the perfect fit for you. Handling sensitive tasks such as medical coding and taking patients’ vitals, Utah’s medical assistants are the backbone of the state’s healthcare system.

With so many unstable careers in the country, the medical assistant profession is a pleasant surprise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the number of medical assistant positions in the United States will increase by 29% by the year 2022. This growth is largely due to the fact that the baby boomer generation is getting older and beginning to require more intense and frequent care. Two other main reasons the profession is growing is the streamlining of tasks in physician’s offices and the wider availability of affordable healthcare.

Though some employers may be willing to hire medical assistants with only a high school diploma or equivalent, it is recommended that all candidates pursue further education in order to acquire a stable career and keep higher paying options open for themselves. Utah has several schools that offer accredited programs for prospective medical assistants. Core programs teach students how to administer basic first aid, perform light bookkeeping, file healthcare history information with regard to federal rules and regulations, learn basic anatomy and physiology, and become familiar with medical terminology. Students can also seek their Medical Assistant Certification (CMA) with the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), as an added reason for businesses to hire them. Certification can result in better access to jobs and higher pay raises.

Medical Assistant UtahThough the highest concentration of medical assistants in Utah is in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas, there are many opportunities across the whole state. Medical assistants can be found in any hospital, physician’s office, insurance carrier, research facility, university, etc.

With the nation’s expected increase in the number of jobs available in the field, now is a better time than ever for interested candidates to pursue a long and fulfilling career as a medical assistant. As one of the few positions with stability and fair pay, candidates will never have to worry about supporting their families. The medical assistant programs in Utah will teach students all they need to know in order to be a qualified, competent, and key member to the state’s healthcare team.

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Medical Assistant Education in Utah: How to Get Started

If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant in Utah, you may be wondering what kind of education and training you need. Medical assistants are an essential part of the healthcare team, and they play a crucial role in keeping medical facilities running smoothly. In Utah, there are many opportunities to receive the education and training you need to become a successful medical assistant. This article will provide an overview of medical assistant education in Utah and the steps you need to take to get started.

Education Requirements for Medical Assistants in Utah

Utah does not have any specific education requirements for medical assistants. However, most employers prefer to hire medical assistants who have completed a medical assisting program. These programs are typically offered by community colleges, vocational schools, and technical schools. The length of these programs can vary, but they typically take between nine months to two years to complete.

Medical assistant programs typically include courses in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical law and ethics, pharmacology, and clinical procedures. Students will also receive hands-on training in areas such as taking vital signs, performing EKGs, and drawing blood.

Certification for Medical Assistants in Utah

While certification is not required to work as a medical assistant in Utah, it can improve your chances of getting hired and can lead to higher salaries. There are several national organizations that offer certification for medical assistants, including the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), the National Healthcare Association (NHA), and the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT).

To become certified, you will need to pass a certification exam. The exam typically covers topics such as medical procedures, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, and medical terminology. Once you pass the exam, you will need to renew your certification every few years by completing continuing education courses.

Finding Medical Assistant Programs in Utah

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a medical assistant in Utah, there are many programs to choose from. Some popular options include:

Salt Lake Community College: This school offers a medical assisting program that includes classroom instruction and hands-on training in a clinical setting.

Bridgerland Technical College: This school offers a medical assisting program that can be completed in one year. Students will receive training in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and clinical procedures.

Davis Technical College: This school offers a medical assisting program that includes courses in medical office procedures, pharmacology, and medical law and ethics.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a medical assistant in Utah can be a great career choice for those who are interested in healthcare and enjoy working with patients. While there are no specific education requirements for medical assistants in Utah, completing a medical assisting program and obtaining certification can improve your chances of getting hired and lead to higher salaries. With many educational options available, getting started on your path to becoming a medical assistant in Utah is easier than ever.