What is Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)?

A career as a medical assistant provides a bright future and great job opportunities. To make the most out of a career as a medical assistant is important to become registered in the state you live. This registration will make you eligible for nearly any type of medical assistant job opportunity you want. Listed below is some additional information about what Registered Medical Assistants do and the steps you need to take to become registered.

What Is a Registered Medical Assistant?

Registered Medical AssistantRegistered Medical Assistants play a vital role in the health care industry by providing a variety of both clinical and administrative duties. Not only can they work in the office by providing supportive services like answering the phones and greeting patients, but they can also complete many patient-based services like taking vital signs and recording patients’ medical history.

The exact role the each Registered Medical Assistant plays depend on the medical facility where they work. Medical assistants, even those that are registered, must work under the supervision of a doctor or a nurse. This doctor or nurse will often determine the exact duties that the medical assistant will perform.

Advantages of becoming a Registered Medical Assistant

When starting your career as a medical assistant, you will find that most states do not require you to be registered before working in the health care industry. This may lead you to believe that registration is not important. However, deciding not to become a Registered Medical Assistant could prevent you from getting many types of job. This is because many employers will only hire medical assistants who have taken the steps to become registered. If you want to eligible for the best job opportunities available and earn a higher salary, it is vital that you become registered.

Certified Nursing SchoolsHow to Become a Registered Medical Assistant

Each state has its own set of requirements for becoming a Registered Medical Assistant. You will typically need to start by completing a medical assistant program in your specific state. For some states, a degree or diploma from one of these training programs is all that is needed to earn your registration.

This training is crucial because it will teach you all the skills you need to become a medical assistant. You will learn how to perform many clinical duties, including how to take vital signs, how to chart patient records, and how to give injections. You will also learn skills needed to work in the administrative office, such as insurance billing and coding, and data entry.

Other states, however, also require you to successfully pass the medical assistant examination. This exam will cover the information you were taught in your training program and will prove your competence to work as a Registered Medical Assistant. Some states also require that you have so many years of experience as a medical assistant before you can become registered. In these states, you will just have to wait until you have enough experience to become registered.

If you want to become a medical assistant, the best way to begin your career is to become registered with your state. As a Registered Medical Assistant, you will have a better chance of obtaining the type of job your want for a higher salary.