Medical Assistant Programs in California

Medical Assistant EducationThe state of California employs more medical assistants than any other state in the country, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 data. The state currently has more than 82,000 medical assistants, but this number is expected to continue to rise steadily over the next six years. This demand is spread evenly throughout the entire state, so no matter where you live there will be plenty of jobs for medical assistants available.

Medical assistants in California are not required to obtain a medical certification in order to get a job. However, a medical assistant certification can improve your ability to obtain the job you want and one that offers a higher paying salary. In addition, some employers will not hire medical assistants without this certification because their malpractice insurance will not cover them. Before you can obtain your certification, you must first complete one of the several medical assistant programs in California.

Medical Assistant CaliforniaYou will be able to find both traditional classroom and online medical assistant programs in California. Online training programs are typically chosen by students who need a school with a flexible schedule that will allow them to continue working while completing their training. When signing up for medical assistant programs in California is it important to realize that you will likely need to complete hands-on clinical training, in addition to your online studies. You should always check to see if the online school works with a medical facility in your locality before selecting the right school for you.

You also need to look for California medical assistant schools that have been accredited by the Department of Education, Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), or Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Completion of an accredited program is a requirement to taking the medical assistant certification examination in order to earn your certification.

This training will provide you with the skills you need to either work in the administrative offices of a medical facility or to assist a physician with patient care. Your certification will allow you to perform various duties in the health care industry, including medical billing and coding, updating patient files, greeting patients, assisting the physician with patient examinations, drawing blood, and performing other lab tests.

Once you have completed your education and received your certification, you will be able to earn a good paying job as a medical assistant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 report showed that medical assistants in California earn an average of $34,050 per year. In addition, these jobs often offer full-time hours with full benefits.

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