Medical Assistant Programs in South Dakota

Medical Assistant EducationIn times where unemployment rates are high across the nation and mothers and fathers are struggling to support their families more than ever, there are still stable and available jobs that are growing and thriving. The medical assistant position is one of these jobs. Medical assistants have a wide range of skills and responsibilities, making them key players in the nation’s healthcare system. They are employed in hospitals, physical therapy offices, physician’s practices, insurance carriers, research facilities, universities, and personal care practices. Their responsibilities are vast, ranging from administrative duties to minor nursing duties.

The nation as a whole is expecting to see higher than average growth rate among the medical assistant profession with 29% growth expected by 2022. This growth is caused by baby boomers aging and requiring more care, the Affordable Care Act enabling easier access to healthcare, and the streamlining of tasks and responsibilities to medical assistants, making them even more important to the industry. At about $25,000 per year, medical assistants in South Dakota earn a lower salary than the average medical assistant, but this can be attributed to the fact that South Dakota’s cost of living is lower than that of many other states.

South Dakota has many medical assistant openings in rural areas and suburbs, so pursuing this profession could result in automatic placement and an immediate paycheck. There are many medical assistant programs in South Dakota that are accredited by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). These programs will teach students the knowledge and content essential to becoming a medical assistant, such as: anatomy, first aid, physiology, medical terminology, light bookkeeping, how to use medical software, how to take patients’ vitals, and how to handle lab work.

South Dakota values furthering the education of its citizens, offering many scholarships, such as the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship, the ACMPE scholarships, and the Dakota Corps Scholarship Program. It is easier and less risky than ever for candidates to earn an education to become a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant South DakotaIf you are looking for a fulfilling job with the potential for growth and development, the medical assistant profession is a great place to start. The position will teach you vital information about the healthcare industry and prepare you for a stable career. South Dakota has many scholarship programs to financially assist your pursuit of education, and there are many jobs available for those who complete certified medical assistant programs in the state.

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