Medical Assistant Programs Vermont

Medical Assistant LicenseThe medical assistant profession is rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, and a safe bet for individuals who are looking for a stable career path. For those who are interested in the healthcare field but are not interested in becoming a doctor or nurse, you can become a medical assistant and work beside these professions in the crux of the healthcare field.

In today’s job market, stability is almost more important than high wages, but in Vermont, they’re both strong and, in some cases, higher than average. The Affordable Care Act, baby boomers aging and requiring more care, and medical staff relying more heavily on medical assistants, have made the demand for medical assistants much higher than in the past. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the profession will grow by 29% nationwide by the year 2022. Vermont’s growth is expected to reach 23%, a major change in such a small state.

The national salary rate for a medical assistant is about $30780, a fair wage for the skills and expertise used, but in Vermont, the average salary is $31,000 on average. Some regions, such as southern Vermont, actually report average medical assistant salary earnings of $34,450, much higher than the national average.

Medical Assistant VermontMedical assistants can be found in hospitals, physician’s offices, universities, research facilities, and rehabilitation centers, making it a job with many career options. Vermont offers several accredited programs through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Core programs will teach students about basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, healthcare ethics and laws, how to handle lab work, how to perform non-crucial injections, and how to maintain light bookkeeping. In addition to educational programs, AAMA offers Medical Assistant Certification (CMA) for those who wish to verify their knowledge and skillset to attract potential employers. Receiving your CMA may prepare you for future job opportunities or make you eligible for higher pay raises within your company.

Though the job market may not be stable for all industries, the medical assistant profession is expected to see growth and stability for the next several years to come. Vermont is a great place to begin the journey to becoming a medical assistant due to its incredible growth potential and higher than average salaries. The time to assert yourself and become a key role in Vermont’s medical industry is now. Check out programs and certifications with AAMA to begin your search today.

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