Medical Assistant Programs Texas

Medical Assistant DegreesAs one of the most fulfilling career opportunities becomes widely available, the medical assistant profession is a great option for adolescents just out of high school or adults looking for a career change. This job is an incredible opportunity for candidates to work alongside doctors and nurses to provide patients with world-class care.

Due to medical offices around the country streamlining tasks and relying heavily on medical assistants, baby boomers getting older and requiring more care, and the Affordable Care Act providing families with access to reasonable healthcare, the medical assistant profession is expected to see 29% growth over the course of the next 8 years. This growth means that now is a better time than ever to commit to becoming a medical assistant for those who want a stable career.

Texas is the second highest employer of medical assistants in the country with a total of 52,380 employed in the state, with concentrated employment around the cities of Houston and Dallas. This massive state has many medical assistant programs to choose from, including specialty programs for those interested in oncology, gynecology, pediatrics, obstetrics, pharmaceuticals, and geriatrics.

The core program teaches students the essentials to becoming a medical assistant, including: how to perform basic first aid, how to handle patients, medical terminology, medical and business ethics, how to use medical software and applications, how to use basic medical equipment, etc. Many candidates also choose to pursue a Medical Assistant Certification (CMA), to further verify that they are proficient with the skills necessary to be a great medical assistant.

Medical Assistant TexasMedical assistants in Texas assist doctors and nurses with tasks such as medical coding, sorting pharmaceuticals, preparing examination and surgery rooms, taking patients’ vitals, performing basic lab work, and operating x-ray machines.

Prospective medical assistants in Texas have the opportunity to fund their education through programs such as: the Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Program, the Tuition Equalization Grant Program, and the Texas Public Educational Grant.

With the expected increase in the number of open positions in the profession, those who are searching for a fulfilling career working in the healthcare industry should begin their journey now. You will be hard pressed to find a more stable career than those in the medical profession. With the help that the state of Texas offers to assist students with educational finances, it is easier than ever to pursue your dreams of getting a higher education.

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