Medical Assistant Programs in Illinois

Medical Assistant CoursesWorking in healthcare is a rewarding profession, one people look forward to from the time they’re children. There are many different opportunities for individuals to make a career in healthcare, ranging in education requirements and skill level. The medical assistant career path is a viable option for those who want to be involved in healthcare but do not necessarily wish to become doctors or nurses.

In the state of Illinois, more medical assistants are employed than over half of the rest of the country. In fact, Chicago employs almost 12,000 medical assistants alone, which is the fourth highest employment quantity for any city in the country. The average pay for medical assistants in Illinois, $15.02 per hour, it is higher than the national average pay of $14.80.  Champaign, Illinois also boasts the highest pay of any city in the country at $23.52, almost a full ten dollars above the national average. These impressive compensation amounts, and the availability of medical assistant positions in the state, make Illinois a great place to get started on your journey to establishing a healthcare career.

Medical Assistant IllinoisSome businesses will accept candidates who have only received a high school diploma or equivalent, but many will not. Even if you do find a company willing to hire someone with no further education, it is still recommended that you pursue a medical assistant program so you are not negatively affected later when you try to find a new medical assistant job or move to another state.

There are many great program options in Illinois for candidates to pursue, both online and traditional establishments can provide an accredited degree. Be sure to check with the American Association of Medical Assistants to verify that the school you are interested in has been accredited in your state. The standard medical assistant program consists of core courses including: first aid, anatomy, physiology, lab work, medical terminology, and patient handling.

In addition to medical assistant programs, many businesses also require candidates to have a Medical Assistant Certification (CMA), which ensures employers that you have demonstrated proficiency in clinical and administrative responsibilities with regard to operating a medical office.

If you are considering joining the healthcare community, the medical assistant position might be perfect for you. Challenge yourself by becoming familiar with the medical process and secure a job that is stable and pays well. Illinois is a great place to start your journey to self-improvement.

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