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Washington Medical AssistantWith the nation continuing to see such high unemployment rates country-wide, individuals are seeking careers that are stable and pay well enough to help them support their families. Medical assistants enjoy a fulfilling and stable career working beside doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants, and are the backbone of the nation’s healthcare system. Medical assistants can hold a variety of roles, depending on the place of employment. For instance, medical administrative assistants deal mostly with operating the business of the office, such as handling patients’ appointments, communicating with insurance companies, and maintaining inventory of supplies. Clinical medical assistants, on the other hand, take on more of a nursing role. They perform some injections, take vitals, clean equipment and rooms, prepare blood work, handle lab tests, and record patient healthcare history.

Due to the growing use of medical assistants in the industry, medical assistants are being relied on more heavily than ever, causing an increase in the demand for them. Along with the increased utilization, there is also a higher demand for medical assistants due to the aging of the baby boomer generation, and the increased availability of affordable healthcare. In fact, these three reasons are why experts at The Bureau of Labor Statistics expect there to be a 29% increase in medical assistant jobs over the next 8 years.

Medical Program WashingtonThough some employers may be willing to hire medical assistants with only a high school diploma or equivalent, it is recommended that candidates pursue education with an accredited program. Core programs will teach students how to perform all the tasks associated with being a medical assistant, including how to code medical information, perform light bookkeeping, administer first aid and injections, be familiar with medical terminology, and learn the basics of anatomy and physiology. Medical assistants also have a variety of potential career locations, such as hospitals, universities and research facilities, physician’s offices, insurance carriers, and other specialized care facilities.

The expected growth in the medical assistant profession makes now the best time to begin your journey toward acquiring a stable career in a respected field. Medical assistants enjoy broad work potential and room for growth and development. There are several programs available through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) that can teach prospective medical assistants the material needed in order to be successful and happy in a fast paced and critical environment. Begin your pursuit of the medical assistant profession today.

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