Medical Assistant Programs in Pennsylvania

Medical Assistant DegreesHome to the first hospital in America, Pennsylvania is still one of the leading places for health care professionals to work. According to the 2013 data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 24,570 medical assistants working in the state of Pennsylvania. As there is a nationwide growing demand for health care professional across the country, the number of medical assistants employed in the state is expected to rise by as much as 31% by the end of the decade.

This demand will create many new job opportunities for medical assistants, which makes it a great career choice. The state has not put any type of educational or certification requirements on medical assistants who work in the state. However, the majority of health care employers will not hire medical assistants until they complete their training and/or earn their certification.

The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) is one of the most recognized medical assistant organizations in the country. Students who want to earn their certification as a medical assistant often do so through the AAMA. The AAMA requires students to successfully pass the medical assistant certification examination to become certified, but first they must complete one of the accredited medical assistant programs in Pennsylvania.

There are many great Pennsylvania medical assistant schools that offer accredited training programs. When searching for the right school for you, you must make sure it is accredited and meets the AAMA approval. These training courses will prepare you for a career as a medical assistant, and help you learn the material needed to pass the certification exam.

Medical Assistant PennsylvaniaIn addition to several on-campus programs, there are also many online medical assistant programs available. This offers flexible scheduling that can allow you to continue working and obtain your training at the same time. This also eliminates the need to move closer to one of the Pennsylvania medical assistant schools or to travel to and from school.

Once you complete this training, you can earn your certification by taking and passing the certification exam. Then you will be able to obtain employment as a full-time medical assistant. Some of the duties you can expect to be doing on the job, include scheduling patients’ appointments, updating patient files, taking and recording patient vital signs, and drawing blood samples.

You can also expect to earn a good salary with benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2013 that the average medical assistant in Pennsylvania makes an annual salary of $29,990 or an hourly salary of $14.42.

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