Medical Assistant Programs Washington

Medical Assistant TrainingThere are few professions as fulfilling as that of being a medical assistant. Medical assistants work alongside nurses and doctors to give patients a level of care and service that they deserve in their time of need.  Medical assistants can be found in a variety of offices and clinics, such as hospitals, universities, physician’s offices, research facilities, insurance carriers, and specialty healthcare services. The profession is split into two main parts, administrative and clinical, though most medical assistants will perform a variety of tasks in both areas.

Some administrative tasks include light bookkeeping, ordering supplies, scheduling patients, filing patients’ health history information by following the appropriate rules and regulations, and providing patients with excellent customer service. Some clinical tasks include taking vitals, administering non-critical injections, operating x-ray equipment, cleaning medical tools and examination rooms, and handling lab work.

Participating in a medical assistant educational program will teach you how to perform all the above tasks and more, including familiarizing yourself with medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and medical laws.

The medical assistant profession is experiencing incredible growth and is expected so see even more growth over the next several years. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the number of medical assistant jobs in the country will grow by 29% over the next 8 years, making now the best time to begin your journey toward establishing a long and stable career.

Medical Assistant CollegesIn addition to exceptional availability, Washington also has much higher wages than the national average of $30780, at $35000 annually which makes Washington a great place to get started with this profession.

Washington supports its own branch of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), called the Washington State Society of Medical Assistants (WSSMA). WSSMA is a great resource for prospective, students, and graduated medical assistants who need support in continuing their education, looking for jobs, or who just want a network to touch base with fellow medical assistants.

With its high annual salary and expected growth in the job market, becoming a medical assistant in Washington is a very smart move for those who want a stable career and to be able to help support their families. There are many programs available for students to enroll in and get a quality education to aid them in their journey. With the support of WSSMA, medical assistants are able to commit to the medical assistant profession with confidence and a network of help and advice.

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