Medical Assistant Programs in New Hampshire

Medical Assistant EducationThe state of New Hampshire has experienced an incredible job growth in the health care industry over the last five years. As more and more baby boomers enter retirement age, this demand for health care workers is expected to only increase more in the upcoming years. This makes entering a health care profession a great opportunity for many people.

If you are looking for a health care career that offers great opportunities with minimal training, a career as a medical assistant is the perfect option. Medical assistants play a vital role in the health care industry. They can offer supportive services in both the administrative offices and with patient care services.

Medical assistants work under the supervision of a nurse or doctor, but can provide such services as preparing the exam room for patients, cleaning medical equipment, updating patient files, scheduling appointments, and assisting the doctor with patient examinations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants in New Hampshire earned an average of $15.47 per hour in 2013. Top this with the fact that many of these jobs come with great benefits makes it a career with great job potential.

You do not necessarily need to obtain any special type of training to become a medical assistant in New Hampshire. However, you will have a very difficult time finding an employer willing to hire you without the proper training. In fact, some employers will require you to have a certification as a medical assistant before they will consider you for a job.

Medical Assistant New HampshireThis makes training an important way to start the career path to becoming a medical assistant. There are several New Hampshire medical assistant schools that offer great programs. Many of these medical assistant programs in New Hampshire are accredited by the Department of Education, American Association of Medical Assistants, or Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. This accreditation is required for those students who want to go on to earn their certification.

During this training, you will learn basic health care skills and techniques needed to work in the health care industry. You will take a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training that is designed to prepare you for a job as a medical assistant. While there are some on campus training programs available, you may want to consider taking one of the online medical assistant programs.

Once you complete this training, you will be able to take the examination required to become a certified medical assistant. This will qualify you for a variety of jobs in medical facilities across the state.

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