Medical Assistant Programs in Connecticut

Medical Assistant EducationThe state of Connecticut offers great job opportunities for those pursuing a career as a medical assistant. According to a 2013 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Connecticut is the fifth top paying state for this position. In 2013, the average medical assistant in the state earned $34,260 annually. This is higher than the national average salary for medical assistants. In addition, many of these jobs come with full-time hours and significant benefits.

There is also a huge demand for medical assistants throughout the state. Currently, there are more than 7,000 medical assistants working in the state, and the Connecticut Department of Labor believes that this number will increase by as much as 18% over the next two years. This will increase your job opportunities and help you quickly find full-time employment.

While medical assistants are considered an official occupation in the state of Connecticut, there are no specific training or certification requirements for those looking for a job in this field. The state Department of Health does, however, regulate the types of task medical assistants con complete while on the job.

Although training and/or certification is not required by the state, the majority of employers in the state only hire medical assistants who have successfully passed a comprehensive training program. There are some companies who are only looking for medical assistants who have earned their certification. In order to find a well-paying job with benefits, it is best to start your career path by attending one of the accredited medical assistant programs in Connecticut.

Medical Assistant ConnecticutIf you plan to take the certification examination for medical assistants, you must select an accredited program. This accreditation comes from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), US Department of Education, or Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). These programs will include a mixture of classroom training and hands-on clinical experience.

There are several Connecticut medical assistant schools, which offer accredited programs. Some of these programs must be taken completely at the school while other schools offer online medical assistant programs. These online programs will allow you to take many of your classes online, so you can continue working while earning your training. These courses do often require you to perform some hands-on clinical work at a medical facility near you.

Once you have completed this training, you have 60 months to take and pass the certification examination. The medical assistant certification will give you the boost you need to get the job your want.

More Information about Medical Assisting Programs in Connecticut

Medical assistants play a vital role in healthcare, assisting physicians and nurses in delivering quality patient care. If you’re considering a career as a medical assistant in Connecticut, there are several educational options available to help you achieve your goals.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are the most common educational pathway to becoming a medical assistant in Connecticut. These programs are typically offered by vocational schools, community colleges, and technical institutes and can be completed in as little as nine months. Coursework covers essential medical assisting knowledge and skills such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical procedures, and administrative tasks. Here are some of the top certificate programs for medical assistants in Connecticut:

  • Lincoln Technical Institute
  • Stone Academy
  • Porter and Chester Institute
  • Branford Hall Career Institute
  • Goodwin University

Associate Degree Programs

Associate degree programs in medical assisting offer a more comprehensive education than certificate programs and take two years to complete. In addition to core medical assisting courses, students are required to complete general education courses such as English, math, and science. Here are some of the top associate degree programs for medical assistants in Connecticut:

  • Middlesex Community College
  • Capital Community College
  • Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Three Rivers Community College
  • Norwalk Community College

Online Programs

Online programs can be a convenient option for those who cannot attend traditional on-campus classes. Online programs can range from individual courses to full certificate or degree programs. Here are some reputable online medical assistant programs available in Connecticut:

  • Penn Foster Career School
  • Ashworth College
  • Herzing University
  • Keiser University

Certification and Licensure

Certification and licensure are not required by law in Connecticut, but many employers prefer to hire certified medical assistants. Certification can also increase job opportunities and earning potential. The two main organizations that offer certification for medical assistants are the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and the National Healthcare Association (NHA). To become certified, individuals must pass a certification exam offered by one of these organizations.

In addition to certification, some medical assistants in Connecticut may need to obtain a license from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. This applies to medical assistants who perform specific invasive procedures, such as administering injections or drawing blood. To obtain a license, individuals must meet certain education and training requirements and pass an exam.

Job Outlook for Medical Assistants in Connecticut

The demand for medical assistants in Connecticut is expected to grow over the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants in Connecticut is projected to grow 16% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is due to the aging population and the need for more healthcare services.


Becoming a medical assistant in Connecticut can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. With several educational pathways available, including certificate programs, associate degree programs, and online courses, aspiring medical assistants can find a program that fits their individual needs and goals. By obtaining certification and licensure, medical assistants can increase their job opportunities and earning potential in this dynamic and growing field.